DISCOS (Database and Information System Characterising Objects in Space) serves as a single-source reference for launch information, object registration details, launch vehicle descriptions, as well as spacecraft information (e.g. size, mass, shape, mission objectives, owner) for all trackable, unclassified objects which sum up to more than 40000 objects. Today, DISCOS not only plays an essential role in the various daily activities at the ESA's Space Debris Office, and it is the basis for operational processes in collision avoidance, re-entry analyses, and for contingency support. DISCOS also provides input to numerous and very differently scoped engineering activities, within ESA and throughout academia and industry.

DISCOSweb is a web based frontend to DISCOS. You can apply for a DISCOSweb account (specified quotas apply), if you can demonstrate a need-to-know. The request thus needs to indicate in detail the data of interest, such as the spacecraft properties and the expected query volume. Note that orbital or attitude ephemeris from surveillance systems are not distributed via DISCOSweb. Please use the Request Account form for your application.

If you are a satellite operator and would like to use DISCOS object data for operational purposes, e.g. automated collision avoidance implementations, we also offer a machine-to-machine interface called the DISCOSweb API. You can apply for it by sending an email to space.debris.support_at_esa.int including your background and intended use of the DISCOSweb API. More details about the API can be found here: https://discosweb-api.sdo.esoc.esa.int/.

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